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I'm Lost, Choosing a Major in College

Choosing a college major can be an important decision. This choice provides the professional training in preparation for the labor market. Today's workforce is extremely diversified and specialized. College has now become an important and costly investment. College trained individuals do make more on average than people with a high school diploma. However, the cost of college tuition has increased faster than inflation or cost of living. Graduates are leaving college with more student loan debt than ever so choosing a major can be a decision with future considerations.


One of the things to consider when choosing a major is what skills and talents a person may have and applying them. Some students excel at math and science and may do well in those areas. Engineering and information technologies are vibrant career fields. Others enjoy people and want to work with them in a service capacity. Social work and human services are rewarding fields that need qualified individuals. Some students may do well at trades and could follow the route of seeking training in one of those areas.


One motivation for choosing a major is what people are passionate about. Many people now seek to pursue a career that combines work and the ability to do what they enjoy. Think about situations you are in where you ask yourself the question "where did the time go?" Think about what you enjoy and what makes you lose track of time. Consider how this can transition into a career field.

What Drives You

One thing that people need to consider is what will satisfy them at the end of the day. Some people may be motivated by salary. Others may be more interested in personal satisfaction in their work rather than pay. Still others may seek a combination of both. Defining your values can help in the decision making process. Think about people you admire and why. Consider if they have the same values as you and in what field they work.

The Future

An important consideration on what you do for a living is how feasible it will be in the coming years. Jobs can face changes due to a variety of factors. Technology and economic conditions have altered and even eliminated many occupations. People who have been laid off from companies are now finding the need for retraining in order to become more relevant in the career world.

Experience It

One way to know if you are on the right track with a college major is to find work in the field. Consider an unpaid internship or volunteering during breaks and summer. Look for positions in a field your major is in. If it is something you like working in you made the right choice. If it is something you do not think will work, it may be time to move in another direction.