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Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Offered By: Baker College Online

Baker College Online's Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing program offers you the flexibility of completing your bachelor degree 100% online - allowing you to attend class around your already busy work and personal schedule. With a bachelor degree, you'll be able to command higher pay and access more career opportunities for advancement.

The BSN program provides licensed registered nurses with the opportunity to continue their professional growth as leaders of research, practice, education and administration within the health care environment. Through additional study as well as clinical experience, BSN students can earn practical experience by serving the needs of individuals and communities in a variety of healthcare settings.

Students in the Baker College baccalaureate of science program are licensed registered nurses. Three (3) courses in the Baker College baccalaureate curriculum involve clinical experiences: Community Health Practicum, Leadership Practicum and Nursing Seminar (the final course in the program). Required clinical experience for students in the program will include:

  • Identifying clinical sites/activities and qualified preceptors which meet the course objectives and are approved by the course faculty.
  • Performing clinical activities involving client or staff teaching, program changes, system alterations, etc. (up to 8 hours per week).