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Associate of Science in Health Care Administration

Offered By: California Coast University

The Associate of Science Degree in Health Care Administration is a self-paced learning program that may be completed online. Study programs are not structured in semesters, quarters or terms, allowing students to begin their degree programs at any time during the year. Health care administrators are needed in order to run hospital floors, nursing care facilities, clinics, doctor's offices, school nursing programs, and research facilities. Students will learn how to manage others, how to use computer networks, how to give presentations, how to create budgets, and how to hire employees and promote others. Health care administrators need to be patient, be able to oversee meetings, and need to be able to make decisions that will benefit patients, their families, and employees. Students will also have to learn to write effectively and learn to work with others. Health care administrators may have to work with board members, the public, and other managers in order to make changes and improvements. Students must satisfy the following course requirements: 6 Core Courses in Health Care, 10 General Education Courses, and 4 Elective Courses, for a total of 60 semester units of credit.