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Associate's in Homeland Security

Offered By: Everest University

Would you like to aid in the protection of our country? Due to recent terrorist events, there is an increased demand for trained safety and security employees throughout the nation. The Homeland Security program will provide you with a solid foundation in planning, implementing, and managing security operations for an organization. This program evolved out of a need for increased protection and awareness of outside threats to national security. You can embark on a career in a new field with unlimited employment potential. The Homeland Security program includes: civil & criminal justice; emergency planning and security measures; principles, planning and procedures of safety; tactical communications; domestic and international terrorism; emergency medical services and fire operations; and business and ethics for security specialists. You will acquire the education and skills needed for a career in corporate or government security. Whether you aid in the prevention of terrorist attacks or the preparation of emergency procedures, you can apply your knowledge and expertise to the workplace. Gain employment in security and public safety in a business, airport, homebuilding association, stadium, amusement park, and other settings.