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B.S. in Criminal Justice - Homeland Security

Offered By: Walden University

The B.S. in Criminal Justice - Homeland Security program is designed to help you gain the skills and knowledge to prepare for a career in law enforcement, the justice system, corrections, homeland security, and social services. The program blends contemporary theory on the nature, extent, and cause of crime with the study of national and international criminal justice practices. Learning is supported through coursework and a final capstone project. Plus, the program uses the latest interactive media, including lifelike, computer-generated scenarios from crime scenes. Our curriculum is based on the recommendations of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. The program can help prepare you to become a more effective social change agent in criminal justice organizations at the local, state, federal, or international levels.

In this concentration you will: learn about all types of weapons of mass destruction and biological and chemical threats and disasters and discover how to respond to such incidents. You will study the skills required for a homeland security position with the border patrol, local and regional first responders, hazardous material response teams, and emergency relief agencies such as the Federal Emergency Management Administration.