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B.S. in Psychology - Psychology Applied to the Helping Professions

Offered By: Walden University

For those interested in professions like counseling or social work who want to gain knowledge in psychology or help prepare themselves for an advanced degree, the Psychology Applied to the Helping Professions concentration provides a foundation for advancement. Learn about psychological development at all stages of life. Study the most common psychological disorders and keys to effective diagnoses. Increase your abilities in research, statistics, and data analysis. Walden University's B.S. in Psychology program provides you with a broad understanding of psychology and its relevance in today's society. You will apply psychological theories to current issues in psychology as you gain perspective in three vitally important areas: social awareness, responsibility, and civic engagement; cross-cultural competence; and evidence-based decision-making in an information-rich world. Take up to 70 percent of your courses in psychology or choose elective courses from other majors.