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M.S. in Psychology - Psychology, Public Administration and Social Change

Offered By: Walden University

With a degree in Psychology, Public Administration and Social Change from Walden University, you will learn to apply psychological theories and skills to management within public, private, and nonprofit organizations. You will explore examples of organizational change and its impact on social justice by integrating strategic planning and management with public policy. Within virtually every organization, opportunities exist to promote positive social change. Once graduated, you can pursue careers such as researcher, policy analyst, project director, or administrator in a socially responsible organization.

Upon completion of the program, you should:

  • Understand and apply psychological concepts and principles to contemporary/global issues and social change
  • Understand and apply conflict management and negotiation skills
  • Apply principles of statistics and research design to the conceptualization, analysis, and evaluation of psychological research
  • Understand and apply psychological theories and skills to the strategic contexts of public management and leadership
  • Employ multicultural and global perspectives in understanding psychological theory, research, and practice as it relates to public administration and social change

Walden's M.S. in Psychology degrees prepare you to successfully pursue exciting new opportunities in a variety of areas including community agencies, healthcare settings, and educational or social services systems. While offering a large range of specializations, each individual program provides a solid education in the development and application of psychological theories and basic scientific methods. These skills will allow you to develop current skills, seek job advancement or being doctoral-level studies.