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Ph.D. in Education - Higher Education

Offered By: Walden University

During the 21st century, America's colleges and universities will undergo profound changes as the student population changes predominantly to mature, working adults and as the methods of teaching and learning shift to electronic learning and other distance approaches. At Walden, through The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership, you will develop proficiency in knowing how individuals, particularly adults, learn most effectively, what tools and strategies best promote learning and in what contexts, and how educational systems and policies can be changed to create focused learning opportunities. Graduates hold leadership, administrative, teaching and research positions at colleges and universities throughout the United States providing academic and student services, professional development services and filling policy-making and implementation roles.

The Ph.D. in Education online degree program produces leaders who can address the nation's most pressing educational challenges. Each online degree specialization is designed to meet both your professional interests and the needs of your school district, college or university. This graduate degree is ideal if you are already a teacher, and your career goals include becoming a superintendent, faculty member at a university or community college, teacher or administrator.