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Ph.D. in Education - Self-Designed

Offered By: Walden University

The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership Ph.D. in Education Program produces educators who can address the nation's most pressing educational challenges. Students examine educational theory and practice within a broadly conceptualized curriculum. Professionals must have defined learning goals and, based on their needs, design their own program of study.

Educators who are interested in pursuing an area that is not among the specializations currently offered may develop their own specialization with the approval of the faculty chair. Current students have developed self-designed specializations in curriculum areas such as math education, science education, art or music education, and literacy, as well as in discipline areas such as English-language learning and urban education. Walden is ideal for ambitious learners.

The Ph.D. in Education online degree program produces leaders who can address the nation's most pressing educational challenges. Each online degree specialization is designed to meet both your professional interests and the needs of your school district, college or university. This graduate degree is ideal if you are already a teacher, and your career goals include becoming a superintendent, faculty member at a university or community college, teacher or administrator.