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Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration - Health Policy (Mixed-Model)

Offered By: Walden University

A Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration with a specialization in Health Policy will help you gain valuable knowledge about the Healthcare industry, which has undergone radical changes over the past several years. The major business enterprises that now govern the industry have changed the way healthcare is delivered, and managers must quickly adapt in order to be successful. This program will give you knowledge about health delivery systems, health policy, health administration, and health finance centers so you can manage effectively and successfully in this unique environment. This program prepares you to meet the challenges of governance and effective service delivery as government and nonprofit institutions increasingly become intertwined. You'll integrate scholarly research with your professional experience, gaining the knowledge, confidence, and expertise to create effective solutions.

The Mixed-Model is a flexible program of study that includes online courses and Walden's signature Knowledge Area Modules (KAMs). Study independently and work closely with a faculty mentor to apply your research to an area in which you are passionate.