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M.S. in Leadership - Leader Development

Offered By: Walden University

Walden University's School of Management is committed to providing the knowledge base required for globally competent and ethical leaders to advance their communities, organizations, and the world. To fulfill this vision, Walden is offering an M.S. in Leadership degree program to help you explore your own leadership styles and use them to motivate others and build highly effective, diverse work teams. Through the M.S. in Leadership program, you can learn to develop a comprehensive approach to leadership that crosses functional areas and increases your capacity to influence people and lead them to a shared goal.

In this specialization, you can prepare to participate in complex decision-making environments. Broaden your mentoring and coaching capabilities, and communicate with others more effectively, and gain the skills and knowledge to assess risk, identify variables, and provide clarity in complex situations. Understand and apply effective mentoring skills, such as active listening, empowering, and using feedback to create dialogue and understanding. The Leader Development specialization will also help you acquire the tools to create change in the face of resistance, including conflict resolution strategies.